The increase in the cases of COVID-19 in Syria and The Opening of the Maarat Misrin Isolation Centre


With the arrival of health officials in the north-west of Syria, local medical staff and social events, the Maarat Misrin Isolation Centre, aka the “Corona Care Centre", which was established by Watan in the town of Maarat Misrin, was opened on the 9th November 2020.

Watan will directly supervise the centre through its medical staff, which will be involved in continuous camp health monitoring, for the early detection of coronavirus infection and the isolation of those infected at the centre, and to provide care until patients are fully recovered. 



This centre is one of the three centres that Watan began to be establish in July of this year, and Watan has handed over the Salqin Isolation centre to the medical organisation UOSSM after its establishment last October.

The facilities of the centres included (patient beds - a pharmacy - oxygen - offices for medical and administrative staff - diesel generator- solar panels - concentrators - pulse oximeters- oxygen cylinders - nursing equipment)
The centers' services include (pcr examinations - nursing services - blood pressure monitors - patient oxygenation - opening a vein - serums - giving supplies to patients - providing medication - medical examinations - isolating people with COVID-19)
There were 180 beneficiaries of the Maarat Misrin Center last November. 

The medical personnel with Watan are interested in highlighting to families the need of going to the nearest health center in the event of suspected infection, so that the case will be transferred to the local isolation center to conduct the "pcr" examination, and to isolate it if necessary, in order to limit the spread of the disease, as the number of confirmed cases reached 16,773 in November, and deaths reached 200 in northwestern Syria, according to official statistics.


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