To save children from ignorance ... enrolment education in northern Syria


Watan completed its forth month of the project "Safe Access to Formal and Non-Formal Education for Students" in cooperation with Takaful AlSham Charity and with the support of the UNICEF.
The main goal of the project was to reduce the percentage of children who are unable to learn at home and to ensure safe and equitable access to formal and informal education for children and teenagers affected by displacement whose ages range between 5-17 years.

Watan developed the intervention plan after conducting field surveys to assess their educational needs during which they conducted an acer test in cooperation with the Directorate of Education in Idlib. It was found that many camps lack educational centers and the essential components needed for a proper education.



Watan completed the establishment of nine educational centers in August this year in the camps of Al-Qah, Atma, Tal Al-Karamah, Al-Dana, Kelly, Salouh, Kafr Lusin, Hazrat, and Bab Al-Hawa. After they were equipped with furniture, safety tools, stationery needed, and psychological and recreational support materials, the centers began providing enrollment education services and psychological support services for 2346 students, and open day activities for all students and teachers.

The educational personnel also contributed in raising awareness on how to prevent contracting the coronavirus for 2312 students in those centers and to the implementation of the "Back to school" campaign aimed at encouraging children to enrol in school using methods of encouragement and motivation.

Watan provided all students and educational and administrative staff with masks and sanitizers to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and distributed student bags and school books to 2288 students.

The project contributed to reducing the rate of dropping out of school and child labor and in spreading awareness among students and their families of the importance of learning.  At the end of the project, 2346 male and female students will move to formal education services after completing compensation for their missed curricula.


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