An Interactive Campaign Led by Students from WATAN Schools: “I Have the Right to Learn” Campaign in The Idlib Countryside


WATAN organised multiple educational and recreational activities with the seasonal campaign “I have the right to learn”. It is an interactive voluntary campaign with the aim of advocating for educational issues during crises, to raise awareness within the local community, and to encourage students who have been cut off from schools during the war to return to classrooms.

These activities are part of an educational programme plan to encourage safe access to both formal and informal education services in northern Syria.

This programme has provided many services to schools in the area, such as providing stationery and books to students and teachers at the beginning of the second semester.



WATAN has also collaborated with the Directorate of Education in Turkey and in the city of Afrin on a campaign advocating education for Syrians in Afrin and Rayhanli, which encourages access to education in safe and stimulating environments through several main activities that start introducing educational service in 4 schools in Syria and Turkey. These include introducing formal education; informal education for those who have had to drop out of school; providing university preparation for high school students to prepare for university entrance exams and TÖMER- YÖS which includes study, stationery, examination fee and curriculum.

The campaign also introduces a programme which gives support to 50 gifted students in Afrin and conducts voluntary and awareness campaigns. The project started its activities at the beginning of January. It has been announced that university admission exams will be awarded in the Afrin region and the standard examination will be taken to accept 100 students to begin training in the second week of the last month. It has also been announced that the project will kick off the launch of TÖMER training and formal education in Syria later in February.


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