Job Summary

    The training coordinator will be responsible for the following activities:

    1. Searching for training calls for proposals & training opportunities, writing training proposal, designing training courses, follow-up with potential clients / customers, building strong relationships with clients
    2. Coordination & facilitation of all type of online / in-person training, workshops & learning sessions in Turkey and all over the world.
    3. Provide support and guidance to all trainees & follow-up including evaluations after training to ensure the quality of their performance and the extent of their applications of the techniques and skills acquired through training.

    Ensuring that trainings objectives / implementations are on track/budget as planned, ensure implementation and documentation, evaluations of trainings are according to donor / partner / clients / other stakeholder compliance requirements, and assist in the program development.

Position Requirements

    The candidate must have the following minimum requirement:

    1. Academic Background: Bachelor’s degree in education, economic, business administration, or similar
    2. Experience: minimum 6 years of experience in similar field
    3. Languages: Proficiency in written and spoken English (Arabic & Turkish language will be privilege)
    4. Computer Competencies: proficiency in all Microsoft Office software, internet, management application, social media
    5. Travel: have flexibility and ability to travel all over the world
    6. Ability to manage multiple priorities, deadlines, and tasks efficiently.
    7. Ability to create new relations with active players in the field.
    8. High level of flexibility to adapt to new environment, handle workload.
    9. High level of problem solving and decision-making skills.
    10. Very good report writing skills.

    Leadership, management, communications, negotiations, public relations skills


    The main tasks of Training Coordinator will be:

    1. Develop, monitor, and implement project trainings plans according to project outputs and timeframes and budgeting.
    2. Support and guide trainers and set up discussions, as well as motivate trainers to participate in dialogues. 
    3. Run orientation sessions for all trainers and trainees.
    4. Coordinate with trainers in the preparation of training materials, detailed plans, and sessions.
    5. Identify and verify the needs of the target-training groups.
    6. Provide advice and technical support for trainers, teachers, and administrators throughout the project.
    7. Provide reports on the plans, results, outputs, and evaluation of each training course through questionnaires provided before and after the training. 
    8. Ensure that the training recommendations and results are within the training environment.
    9. Provide feedback to the project/program managers to improve teaching/trainings strategies and the work environment as may needed. 
    10. Write meeting minutes and points as well as training workshops.
    11. Participate in any external/internal training and evaluation programs that would require WATAN.
    12. Regularly ensure all data entry related to attendance and sessions tasks and outputs using specific templates, and to update this data periodically.
    13. Prepare training documentation, including suitable photos, short films, and other means in coordination with the media department in WATAN.
    14. Assist in liaising with key NGOs, educational institutions, private sector, and governmental bodies related to the trainings objectives and needs.


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Work Place

Turkey Gaziantep