Job Summary


    The Digital Fundraising Manager develops, manages, and oversees the online crowd fundraising programs. The Manager will be accountable for achieving pre-assigned fundraising targets covering emergency response and development goals for Syria, Morocco, and Libya. This will have to work with stakeholders implementing appropriate donor communication and project delivery cycle.

Position Requirements


    Knowledge and Skills Required:

    • Bachelor’s degree preferred, with a minimum of five years of related work in direct response fundraising.
    • Proven ability to develop and implement digital fundraising strategies.
    • Experience with building and maintaining donation forms, surveys, user engagement features, and interpreting audience analytics.
    • Ability to bridge different goals/strategies within the organization and work collaboratively across departments.
    • Display creativity, initiative, and the ability to respond quickly to last-minute needs and changing priorities.
    • Detail-oriented, organized, motivated, and creative team player.
    • Propensity for innovation and continuous improvement.
    • Good judgment and the ability to handle confidential matters.
    • Enthusiasm for public media and a desire to create a compelling case for support with WATAN staff, donors, viewers, and beneficiaries.
    • Join our dynamic team and contribute to the success of impactful fundraising campaigns for WATAN. Apply now to be a key player in driving innovation and achieving fundraising goals.


    Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Fundraising Strategy:
    • Oversee digital fundraising and engagement initiatives to acquire, renew, and retain members.
    • Develop and implement strategies for online cultivation, stewardship, engagement communications, and direct solicitations.
    1. Online Fundraising Activities:
    • Develop and manage emails, landing pages, tools, and graphics for online fundraising activities.
    • Implement Peer-to-Peer fundraising initiatives and Giving Day campaigns.
    1. Campaign Coordination:
    • Coordinate with operational and program departments on fundraising campaigns, ensuring consistency in strategic support messaging across all platforms.
    • Maintain visual representation and editorial style consistency across WATAN branches.
    1. Innovation and Testing:
    • Develop and test new initiatives and innovative concepts for public media fundraising.
    1. Communication Management:
    • Manage the online communications calendar and oversee the creation, production, and delivery of station email communication.
    • Serve as the digital content manager for WATAN, coordinating with external partners for best practices.
    1. Collaboration and Liaison:
    • Collaborate with sector departments on managing fundraising tools on the website and social media engagement.
    • Liaise with external strategy and software partners to execute online fundraising best practices.

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Work Place

Turkey - Gaziantep