Job Summary

    Organization Brief

    WATAN is a multi-cluster organization founded in 2012 as a coordinated effort of various organizations and groups working on the field since 2006. WATAN is an independent, non-governmental, apolitical, and non-sectarian organization. WATAN is registered as a non-profit organization in the United Kingdom, United States, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey. The UK and US offices only perform advocacy and fundraising. The operational and management functions are located in Turkey. WATAN holds several offices inside Syria.

    With nine years of experience in delivering assistance to people in need, WATAN currently operates under eight programs’ structure targeting Protection, Health, Education, NFI and Shelter, FSL, Economic Empowerment, Civil Society Support, and WASH. These programs are development-based and emergency-based. It has 9 years of experience implementing humanitarian projects. Throughout its activities, WATAN has provided assistance and aid to almost 7 million beneficiaries, in cooperation with UN agencies, International and National NGOs such as IRC, GOAL and Expertise France.

    WATAN has the experience and expertise to implement this project successfully. It has a well-known rapid response network working on the ground to collect weekly updates and to coordinate with the local actors with whom it has established a deep and trusted relationship. WATAN is part of the local coordination meetings and is providing a significant effort to raise the capacity building of local actors for emergency purposes.  Finally, WATAN is an active participant in humanitarian clusters: it participates in the meetings every month, offering information on the progress of the implementation and the facilities supported, it coordinates its interventions to avoid overlapping and

    Background information on the humanitarian context in the targeted area(s)

    In its ninth year, the Syrian conflict has led to significant suffering in the civilian population and widespread displacements. Amid active hostilities in many parts of the country, high levels of civilian casualties continue to be reported amid regular and extensive violations of international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL). In this context, civilians face numerous and overlapping risks. Per the 2019 Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), 11.7 million people live in dire conditions and 5 million people face acute needs. As of January 2020, there are over 6.1 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) 30% of the total population. Throughout 2019, approximately 1,423,200 people have been displaced, following a significant escalation in hostilities in Idleb “de-escalation zone”. Since the second half of December, aerial bombardment and ground fighting intensified in southern Idleb, affecting large population centers.  From the 1st December 2019 to 27th January 2020, 389,000 people fled from their homes, mainly from southern Idleb governorate (80 percent are estimated to be women and children). The newly displaced populations are predominantly moving north within Idleb governorate to urban centers and IDP camps along the Turkish-Syrian border.

     The conflict has severely disrupted all aspects of living including livelihoods, protection food security, education and health system in Syria, leaving only half of the country’s facilities in full service 53% and resulting in thousands of avoidable deaths from injury or illness Up to 70%.

Position Requirements

    Job Title: Consultant for Proposals Writer to assist in developing project proposals for funding support FSL, Shelter and NFI, Health, Economic Empowerment, Protection and Education departments in WATAN Foundation.

    Duty Station: Online (with possible travel to the field as and when required)

    Contract Duration: 6 month

    Lines of Communication

    The consultant will report to the WATAN General Manger and Programs Director.


    Approximately 6 months.




    In close coordination with the general manger and programs director, the Consultant will take the lead, in conjunction with the program team in WATAN and other key stakeholders, in developing a compelling, evidence-based proposal for submission to institutional donors. The consultant will bring to the program design process a thorough understanding of and prior experience in multi-sectoral and information management systems to WATAN system. S/he must demonstrate or has lengthy experience and knowledge in designing or developing proposals for various donors. This will require scoping, reviewing, analyzing, and integrating existing plans and samples to support and inform the proposal development.

    Specific Duties

    • In carrying out the assignment, the Consultant is required to employ a collaborative approach in ensuring that inputs are obtained from a several cross sections of program staff that relate to the proposal development.
    • Work closely with the Programs Director and other partners to develop proposals based on program goals, strategies and donor’s regulation and policies.
    • Define the implementation framework and preparation arrangements including the technical coordination of each staff of the relevant program as appropriate.
    • Identify information gaps and/or any challenges blocking proposal completion and secure the necessary information to complete.
    • Based on the information/input gathered and building upon the strengths of the assessments design a project, including logical framework, budget, narrative concept note and proposal funding application from potential institutional donors or UN Agencies.
    • Ensure all project stakeholders are fully aware of what information is needed.
    • Ensure all requirements of the proposal are fully prepared and annexed to the proposal.
    • Provide the Programs Director with the final drafted copies of the proposal before final proposal is submitted.
    • Ensure all data, drafts, information of the proposal are highly confidential and not shared with any other parties under any circumstances.

    Outcomes of the Consultancy

    The principal delivery of this consultancy will be a finalized proposal with a work plan, clear activities and budget.

    Other deliverables shall include:

    1. Consultation meetings and stakeholders’ fora.
    2. An inception report, inclusive of a detailed work plan for the consultancy, at the start of the contract period.
    3. An implementation framework or proposal writing guideline.


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