Job Summary

    The Head of Operations provides leadership, direction, and management of all Program Support functions which includes Procurement, Administration, Finance, HR, security, Media and Information Technology (ICT) for WATAN.  A significant part of the O’s responsibility is the oversight of the program support activities to reduce risk and ensure compliance with donors, Watan and accepted practices in these areas.

Position Requirements

    • Education Degree: Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance or other relevant field
    • Languages: Turkish and English, Arabic is an asset 
    • Minimum 5 years professional and proven experience leading, managing, and implementing events.
    • Strong communication, interpersonal, facilitation, and diplomatic skills.
    • Confident and dynamic personality
    • Excellent communication, lobbying, and active listening skills.
    • Full awareness of the context of work in non-profit organizations
    • Excellent organizational and leadership ability
    • Analytical mind


    Senior Management:

    As a member of the Senior Management team, contribute substantively to the following:

    • Assist in setting the strategic direction of the Country Office and achieving its vision and purpose.
    • Participate in the development of the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and the achievement of annual objectives.
    • Lead the development and revision of program support policies, procedures, and systems.
    • Be a role model for all staff by exemplifying WATAN’s values and providing leadership.


    HR Management:

    Ensure the following is performed efficiently and effectively:

    • Supervise the HR department through three functions (Admin – Recruitment –Capacity building).
    • Ensure completing the monthly goals and annual plans of the Dept.
    • Provide the necessary support to HR regarding the process and operations system upgrade.
    • Review and approve the new policies and procedures prepared by HR manager.
    • Ensure that all contracts or any obligations are documented with zero legal exposure.
    • Review the annual plans for the capacity building of WATAN staff and supervise the implementation of it.    


    Procurement Management:

    • Support with the management of the entire process in the planning of procurement activities, ensuring effectively functioning processes to avoid costly delays
    • Ensure effective lines of communication between the Project/Program Managers and the procurement team to ensure priority requirements, timely delivery of goods, works, and services using the WATAN procurement procedures and guidelines
    • Ensure full compliance of procurement activities with the WATAN’s Procurement Manual, Donor’s Regulations
    • Implement effective internal control, proper design, and functioning of a client-oriented procurement management system for projects and related reporting requirements
    • Ensure effective use of internal Standard Operating Procedures in Procurement, control of workflows, continuous business monitoring and improvements in systems and processes
    • Review and sign on all Summary of Bid Analysis (SBA) ensuring that the products or services are of high quality with reasonable prices including the preparation of a clear justification for vendor selection
    • Review weekly, monthly and quarterly procurement status report for all purchases and share Offline Report with SMT and all Project Managers on a Monthly basis
    • Promote a zero-tolerance for violations of procurement policies and procedures
    • Making sure that all the sections within the procurement function work effectively and efficiently
    • Maintain an up to date Authority Signatory Limit (ASL)

    Support management to the IT functions, with the support of the Media:

    • Supervise information technology and computer systems, plan, organize, control and evaluate IT and electronic data operations.
    • Review the activities of design, develop, implement and coordinate systems, policies, and procedures, ensure the security of data, network access, and backup systems.
    • Introduction of new services, evaluating risks to the integrity and safety of the IT infrastructure.
    • Lead, manage and direct the team to support all aspects of the automation Support Service, taking operational responsibility for the team.
    • Supervise the Media team with the following functions (Advocacy -WATAN visual identity- Events – Media products).
    • Review the annual plans and approve the implementation of advocacy campaigns.
    • Ensure publishing media products in alignment with the approved plan. 

    Finance Management: 

    • Supervise the Finance department regarding the following functions (Accounting – Budgeting -Treasury- Financial planning).
    • Participate in preparation of the annual budget with the finance manager and budget controller.
    • Review the execution of the ongoing project in monthly basis and ensure all on track and tack the required discussions with the SMT. 
    • Approve the budget proposals for any call and ensure the cost is comply with donor regulation and WATAN needs.
    • Approve the annual reports and financial statements of WATAN.
    • Dealing with external auditors and ensure all external reports submitted on time for the external parties (Donors- Partners- Auditors – Government buddies).
    • Maintain the relations with the donors and partners and ensure the satisfaction in the communication. 

    Security Management: 

    • Supervise the Safety and security dept regarding (reporting – Access-emergency – risk).
    • Prepare the risk register for the organization and the updated in monthly basis.
    • Supervise the cross-border operation and approve the policies and procedures.
    • Ensure safe access to all programs to operation area.
    • Ensure the evacuation plan for all areas are in place.

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Work Place

Turkey - Gaziantep