Job Summary

    The technical officer for NCD is responsible for the two main pillars of the health department development plan.

    1. Implementation and quality assurance: support the health teams in Syria and Turkey and contribute to the quality assurance plan for the health department of WATAN.
    2. Pillar planning for the health department: by revising and developing the necessary SOPs for the department with respect to his position, also prepare and create the required tools for this purpose.

Position Requirements

    • Minimum Education Degree: Master’s degree in Medicine – Internal Medicine – Specialized in NCD
    • Travel Availability: Ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally
    • Minimum 5 years professional and proven experience related to NCD treatment and protocol development.
    • Very good English proficiency.
    • Very good in MS Office (word & excel)
    • Excellent Communication skills
    • TOT skills
    • Supervision and team management.


    • Implementation:
      • Regular technical follow up visits to WATAN health centers.
      • Provide technical support and daily communication with NCD-engaged health staff.
      • Provide the health team in Turkey with periodic reports about the progress of his/her progress toward the objectives.
      • Communicate with donors and stakeholders regarding technical issues as per the Health Program Manager's request.
      • Monitor and report any medical malpractice.
      • Liaise with other departments as per the Health Program Manager's request.
      • Provide training courses as per the program plan, projects plan, and Health Program Manager's request.
      • Supervise the NCD specialized health team.
    • Planning
      • Review and create the necessary SOPs and policies for the health department in line with the department plan.
      • Determine any needs for capacity building for the team in Turkey and field.
      • Support the Health Program Manager with technical support during the proposal development.
      • Contribute to the department expansion plans as per the health program manager request.
      • Contribute to the capacity building department’s plans.

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Work Place

Turkey - Gaziantep