Job Summary

    The Health Coordinator is responsible for the coordination and supervision mechanism of the health projects in Turkey and Syria in line with other projects to ensure the success and achievement of the desired objectives.

Position Requirements

    • Minimum Education Degree: Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Medicine, Dentistry, pharmaceutics
    • Minimum 3 years professional and proven experience leading, managing, coordinating, and implementing humanitarian projects.
    • Travel Availability: Ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally
    • Very good in MS Office (word and excel).
    • Very good English proficiency (writing, conversation).
    • Team worker
    • Team leading.



    • Coordination and reporting:
      • Represent WATAN foundation in the meetings, workshops, and other related events in Turkey or outside Turkey.
      • Attend the meetings related to the position, or any meeting as per the line manager request.
      • Communicate and coordinate with all stakeholders, including the cluster coordinator and partners to update them about any new activities or changed plans.
      • Cooperate with other departments to make sure that they fulfill their tasks related to the project, especially documentation and finance report.
      • Revise the project reports from all departments, including finance, MEAL, HR and logistics, and act according to the reports’ recommendations, especially MEAL reports.
      • Prepare and submit periodic reports of project progress to the direct manager and donor.
      • Receive the reports of implementation from field managers, revise them and discuss them to the program's manager.
    • Management and support:
      • Supervise and manage the field health teams that are directly related to the project.
      • Supervise and manage the progress of the project according to a specific work plan.
      • Modify the implementation plan of the project for any logical or technical reason.
      • Supervise the field health coordinators and health managers of the project directly (line manager), unless there is any change according to pre-informed HR structuring.
      • Field visits considering the security situation and reports.
    • Capacity Building:
      • Determine any specific need of capacity building related to the position and the positions supervised by the health coordinator and inform the Programs Manager.
      • Provide training and capacity building sessions as per his/her skills and abilities, and education background (the method to be discussed with the Programs Manager).
      • If necessary and possible, provide the technical support to the team of the project in Turkey and Syria.

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Work Place

Turkey - Gaziantep