Job Summary

    The health information officer will work for the health department in order to administrate the data flow process according to the Health Information Management System SOPs of WATAN. The Health information officer will contribute and review the process of developing the Health Information Management System HMIS and SOPs for WATAN Foundation.

Position Requirements

    • Minimum Education Degree: Bachelor’s degree
    • Minimum 3 years professional and proven experience on information management
    • English language proficiency: very good (reading, speaking and writing).
    • Ability to lead and supervise teams.
    • MS Office suit proficiency: Very good.
    • Very good communication skills.
    • Ability to transfer gained skills to other staff.



    • Provide technical support to the health department teams of WATAN in Turkey and Syria.
    • Assess the quality of data and communicate with data entry staff and field coordinators to verify the collected data.
    • Provide training on the Health Information System HIS of WATAN and improve the capacity of the data entry staff on this topic.
    • Provide the health team in Turkey with the required data about the available health services and beneficiaries.
    • Attend the meetings that are related to the health information system or any similar or corresponding meeting or workshop.
    • Administrate WATAN HIS software program


    • Liaise and communicate with data team in Syria to receive data report on time.
    • Receive and analyze the reported data.
    • Prepare and submit periodic reports to the health team
    • Prepare monthly report of the overall health services of WATAN
    • Submit periodic reports to donors on time


    • Assess the challenges and barriers facing the current Health Information System of WATAN and work to solve them.
    • Contribute to the development of the Health Information System software program of the health department.
    • Contribute to the assessment and development of the Health Information System policy and SOPs.
    • Determine any specific need of capacity building related to the position and inform the Programs Manager.

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Work Place

Turkey - Gaziantep