Job Summary

    WATAN Foundation in Turkey, together with its partners, is providing humanitarian assistance to people affected by the Syrian crisis, both in Syria and Turkey.

    The position will be responsible to implement case management for cases in TRC community Centre as per Case Management SOP.

Position Requirements


    • Bachelor’s Degree in social science and or relevant area field.
    • At least one year of counseling and training experience, preferably experience working directly with women, girls, and children.
    • Positive and professional attitude, including the ability to lead and work well in a team setting.
    • Spoken and written Arabic and Turkish.
    • Team player who can work collaboratively and with people of diverse backgrounds and cross-culturally.
    • Experience of community-based or social work
    • Strong ability to organize work, meet deadlines, maintain composure, prioritize work under pressure, coordinate multiple tasks and maintain attention to detail.
    • Computer literate, including Microsoft Word and Excel.
    • Fluency in Arabic required; Turkish proficiency greatly preferred.
    • Flexible, enthusiastic and willing to learn from others.


    • Spoken and written Turkish.
    • Experience in social work and/or implementing protection activities.
    • Experience working with women and girls in Turkey.


    • The Case Worker will directly support women and girls and other vulnerable individuals with psychological and social concerns:
    • Work with the team in the organization and externally to identify and register clients requiring CM intervention in the field or through the Community Centre.
    • Collect Rapid Assessment information of the case eligible for the Case Management services and prepare intervention plans and case summaries for cases in accordance with standard operating procedures with the support of CM Officer
    • Write case summaries which contain all the relevant details of the case, for presentation to the Documentation for review and decision-making on appropriate and possible response with the support of CM Officer.
    • Complete work plans with each client, including needs, objectives and main goals the client defines.
    • With the support of the CM Officer, develop case intervention plans with clients which will improve the capacity and alleviate the vulnerability of the individual and improve their protective environment by accessing a service.
    • Implement the intervention plans that will aim to facilitative support to access a service through hand-holding beneficiaries and provide Turkish/Arabic and vice versa translation
    • Undertake appropriate follow-up of cases to ensure that needs are met, and satisfaction levels are appropriate.
    • Update information/documentation as necessary and ensure that progress is logged in the database
    • Ensure that the referral is centered on the client’s needs and wishes. 
    • Coordinate a referral plan with other organizations and local community service providers.
    • Maintain highly organized IPA hard copy files and update the database on a regular basis.
    • Report internally to the IPA Officer on weekly and monthly achievements.
    • Work with monitoring colleagues to ensure that appropriate monitoring activities are undertaken to a high standard.
    • Provide feedback for improving the quality of assessment and activities.
    • Provide case follow-up until cases can responsibly be considered to be closed.
    • Contribute to the high-quality implementation of WATAN’s refugee response.

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Work Place

Turkey - Kilis