Job Summary

    Managed by the Project Manager and working in collaboration with other members of the technical and field staff and Individual Protection Assistance (IPA) team, the Individual Protection Assistance (IPA) Officer will be responsible for planning and implementing IPA activities in a defined operation area and ensuring that the IPA team responds effectively to the needs of selected cases in a timely manner. This will be based on agreed standard operating procedures (SOPs) and eligibility criteria. The IPA Officer will line manage an IPA Assistants. The position will be based in (Ankara), with 60-80% travel to field locations in Ankara provinces.

Position Requirements


    • Bachelor’s Degree in social science and or relevant area – can be compensated with direct work experience in NGOs for at least 2 years.
    • Spoken and written Arabic and English.
    • Spoken Turkish.
    • Previous line management and planning experience.
    • Knowledge of Turkish government services.
    • Team player who is able to work collaboratively and with people of diverse backgrounds and cross-culturally.
    • Work/voluntary experience with a NGO.
    • Experience of community-based or social work.
    • Strong planning, inter-personal and communication skills.
    • Strong report writing and documentation skills.
    • Flexible, enthusiastic and willing to learn from others.
    • good computer skills, especially in MS Word, MS Excel and MS Outlook.


    • Line management experience.
    • Experience of liaising/coordinating activities with other organizations.
    • Experience of NGO procurement processes.
    • Experience of referral mechanisms.


    • 1- Support the Project Manger plan and implement of IPA activities and monitor IPA case planning and IPA implementation by the IPA Assistants.

    • Work with the Project Manger to make work plans, movement plans and IPA case assignments
    • Monitor IPA case planning and IPA implementation by the IPA Assistants
    • Support Project Manager to track and report on cases by IPA Team.
    • 2- Work with the team across the (organisation) to identify and register clients requiring IPA service including ensuring that the rapid assessment for clients eligible IPA services are received and registered in a timely fashion in the database.

    • ensure that all focal points are aware of criteria and processes for identification and registration of IPA clients eligible for IPA intervention.
    • Ensure that referrals from external organisations are being addressed accordingly
    • Follow-up for rapid assessment for clients eligible IPA services are received and registered in a timely fashion in the database.
    • 3- Implement high quality and timely implementation of IPA case plans as per IPA SOP including setting IPA case plans and getting relevant approvals

    • Ensure that IPA intervention plans and IPA case summaries are prepared and presented for approval as per IPA SoP
    • Support the IPA Assistant to write case summaries which contain all the relevant details of the case each week according to urgency and caseload as and when needed.
    • Support the IPA Assistants to develop case intervention plan with clients which will improve the capacity and alleviate the vulnerability of the individual.
    • Support the IPA assistant to present the case summaries on a weekly basis to the project manager for review and decision-making on appropriate and possible response.
    • Ensure that decisions of the Project manager are properly recorded in hard copy files and in database in a timely fashion.
    • Schedule IPA handholding/translation activities in line with agreed standard operating procedures and using agreed tools/forms in a timely fashion
    • Liaise with IPA assistant to ensure that timely, the most ethical, safe and appropriate service possible is undertaken.
    • Ensure that all relevant documentation is completed to a high standard.
    • Ensure that relevant information on the implementation of the plan is recorded in the database in a timely fashion.
    • Ensure internal referrals for IPA cases are undertaken within agreed timeframes.
    • Coordinate the external referrals to other service providers to ensure the needs of IPA beneficiaries are met in coordination and support of project manager.
    • 4- Provide case follow-up until cases can be closed as per IPA SoP.

    • Work with the IPA Assistants to plan and undertake appropriate follow-up of cases to ensure that needs are met, and satisfaction levels are appropriate
    • Liaise with Service Mapping coordinator with the support of project manager for coordination with services.
    • Ensure that information/documentation is updated as necessary and ensure that progress is logged in the database
    • 5- Manage communication and reporting of IPA cases as per IPA SoP.

    • Ensure that all IPA information is thoroughly documented, with due consideration of confidentiality and data protection principles.
    • Ensure that highly organized IPA hard copy files are maintained and that the database is updated on a regular basis.
    • Work with the IPA Assistants to report internally on weekly and monthly achievements; review and submit these reports to the project manager for consolidation.
    • Participate in regular team meetings
    • Build relationships with refugee and local host communities to increase trust and understanding
    • Work with other service providers in the area of intervention (if any) to ensure coordination and avoid duplication of efforts.
    • 6- Contribute to high quality implementation of refugee response

    • Ensure that protection activities are compliant with accountability principles and general protection principles.
    • Work with monitoring colleagues to ensure that appropriate monitoring activities are undertaken to a high standard.
    • Provide feedback on any updates/improvements that are needed to the standard operating procedures and IPA documentation.
    • Provide feedback for improving the quality of assessment and activities.

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Work Place

Turkey - Ankara