Job Summary

    WATAN is planning in cooperation with RAHMA Union to enhance the capacity of specialized staff regarding olive oil analysis by using spectrophotometer device (chemical analysis of olive oil, through a chemical test to determine the Acidity based on oleic acid, and The Peroxide Value).

    WATAN will contract with "Training technician officer" to training 10 persons, ToT approach will be employed to ensure a cascade effect for mills staff.

Position Requirements

    • Certificate – Institute of Food Industries.
    • Experience olive oil.
    • Knowledge of chemical and physical analysis that determine the quality of olive oil.
    • Knowledge of the needs of the local market of olive oil.
    • The ability to work with staff at all levels.
    • Planning and time management skills.
    • The ability to write clear reports and keep accurate records.
    • Organizational skills.


    Your duties could include:

    • Identifying individual training needs related to olive oil analysis techniques through trainee appraisals and meetings with mills staff to help improve the quality of olive oil.
    • Designing, delivering and assessing training programs.
    • Creating training materials especially of olive oil analysis techniques.
    • Monitoring trainees’ progress.
    • Developing appraisal schemes to match organization needs.
    • Making sure training is cost-effective and within budget.
    • You could also be responsible for an area of work, like management development or health and safety.

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Work Place

Syria - Idleb