Job Summary

    The trainers will provide training courses to raise board members of farmers associations to increase their technical and managerial capacity.

Position Requirements

    • Relevant university degree
    • Ability and confidence to communicate at a high level with a wide range of policy advisers and decision makers.
    • Able to explain sometimes complex issues in an understandable manner tailored to suit different audiences and situations.
    • Strong communication skills, both in oral and written communications
    • Previous training experience in similar subjects.
    • Previous experience of the Syrian contexts in terms of national organizations.
    • Good experience in developing management plans and understanding of use management tools.
    • proven experience in Human resources, accountancy, Marketing and developing strategies.


    • Design the training curriculum based on the needs identified.
    • Deliver the training according to the curriculum and program established.
    • Ensure all the logistic aspects related to the organization of the training (renting of space and equipment, refreshment and meals).
    • Conduct pre and post evaluation for the beneficiaries participating to the training.
    • Monitor the progress of beneficiaries and take proper measure to attain the proposed goals.
    • Prepare training materials.
    • Prepare training reports and collect attendance lists.

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Work Place

Turkey - Syria