Job Summary

    • To provide effective leadership to WATAN US and act as the Executive Head of the Organization, developing, implementing and managing the Charity within the strategic, policy and accountability frameworks laid down by the Board of Trustees.
    • To develop, foster and mange effective relationships and WATAN’s profile with internal and external stakeholders.
    • To provide concise and targeted information, advice and reports in timely manner to enable the Board of Trustees to fulfil its duties and responsibilities for the proper governance of the Organization.
    • To ensure that WATAN adopted policies and procedures meet with the guidelines set by the regulating authorities of the jurisdictions they are operating in.

Position Requirements

    E = Essential                         D= Desirable

    • Qualified to a US Degree standard or equivalent (E)
    • Masters in Business Administration (D) / Qualified Chartered Accountant (D)
    • Strong written and spoken English including high level interpersonal and representation skills. (E)
    • Strong IT skills. (E)
    • Diplomacy, tact and negotiation skills. (E)
    • Drafting and Report writing skills. (E)
    • Complex Organizational problem solving skills. (E)
    • Strong emotional intelligence and resilience and able to maintain composure in difficult situations (E)
    • Analyze and address complex strategic and Organsitional issues (E)
    • Highly organized with strong time management skills (E)


    E = Essential                         D= Desirable

    • Proven Experience of successfully leading and managing an Organization and engaging with its Board of governors, directors or trustees (E)
    • Experience in overseeing the development of policies and similar documents (E)
    • Experience of effectively dealing with stakeholders and strengthening strategic partnerships (E)
    • Experience of developing and establishing strategies and work plans which help to deliver the wider Organizational objectives (E)
    • Knowledge and understanding of the working of international and regional donor agencies involved in humanitarian interventions and relief efforts such as USAID, BPRM, DRL (E)
    • Knowledge of one of the multi-sectoral humanitarian sectors e.g. shelter, WASH, health and nutrition, security, capacity building, education, and protection, food security, civil-military coordination during emergencies, advocacy campaigns, emergency response, millennium development goals, conflict resolution and reconciliation, financial management, human resource management or governmental relations (E)
    • Knowledge of Muslim humanitarian charities (E)
    • Knowledge of the role and interaction between non-governmental Organizations, world financial institutions and Muslim Organizations worldwide (E)
    • An awareness of a wide range of funding regimes in Europe and internationally as well as institutional funders. (E)
    • Knowledge of good business management practices and use of recognized quality tools (E)
    • An understanding of the principle development and policy issues affecting WATAN and its objectives, including the role of the EU, UN, international governments and initiatives in the field of business, both at the national and international level (D)
    • An understanding of the issues and requirements of working within a political environment and conflict zones such as Syria. (D)
    • Knowledge of other faiths, inter-faith issues, and Muslim minorities in non- Muslim countries (D)
    • Knowledge of conversion of Un-incorporated Charity into Charitable
    • Incorporated Organization and the transfer of assets between the two (D)
    • Knowledge of SORP Statements and Charities Disclosure Requirements (D)
    • Knowledge of Companies Act (D) ee) Knowledge of Charities Taxation (D) 
    • Knowledge of Income Tax (D)
    • Knowledge of the Charities and Trust Laws (D)


Job Code




Work Place

Washington, D.C., USA