Job Summary

    As part of its strategic growth, a new role has arisen within the organization for Marketing Manager. who will help to devise, develop and deliver a comprehensive strategic and tactical plan for business development, income generation and awareness-raising for WATAN. You will also help to raise the organization’s media profile in (Syria, Turkey, and the World) by defining and managing a new communication strategy
    To coordinate these activities, WATAN is looking for a strong influencer and negotiator, who is self-motivated and has a proven track record of marketing and communication. You should be capable of creative thinking, developing new and innovative strategies for communicating WATAN ethos, all the time working in a diplomatic and practical manner to ensure that change is delivered in a sustainable way.
    The Marketing Manager would have experience in media, Public relations, Community relations, and Donors and Beneficiaries Support , Market research and Market strategy .
    The Marketing Manager would ideally have a degree in a marketing-related field, providing the relevant business, communication, strategic-thinking and entrepreneurial skills required for the post as well as sufficient background or understanding of issues relating to media, global poverty and urban homelessness relevant to the street-paper niche. Your employment history (at least 5 years) must include a successful portfolio of income-generating projects within the marketing field, and a demonstrated ability to work well in an inter-different cultural environment.

Position Requirements


    • At least 5 years’ experience working in Marketing  role in a corporate environment or an international NGO, social enterprise or government department.
    • At least 3 years’ corporate marketing and branding experience.
    • At least 3 years’ experience developing, writing and delivering external communication programmers (preferably in an international context). 
    • 3 years’ experience in developing high-quality written content for different communication channels including emails, adverts, presentations, etc.
    • 3 years’ experience of developing and implementing partnership development activities.  • Extensive use of project management approaches including setting project plans, budgets and schedules.

    Experience in fundraising .

    • Solid knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics, NetInsight, Omniture, WebTrends)
    • Strong analytical and project management skills.
    • Experience in setting up and optimizing Google Adwords campaigns
    • Numerically literate, comfortable working with numbers, making sense of metrics and processing figures with spreadsheets
    • Familiarity with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in graphic design, web design, production, etc.

    Abilities and Personal Skills

    • Strong communication, interpersonal, facilitation and diplomatic skills.
    • Excellent rapport building, networking and relationship management experience.
    • Ability to facilitate, maintain and manage good working relationships between staff, volunteers, partners, and donors. 
    • Good taste, a sense of aesthetics and a love for great copy and witty communication
    • Confident and dynamic personality
    • Entrepreneurial drive, passion and ability to help shape the organization’s marketing and communication department. 
    • Ability to develop fresh approaches and innovate as appropriate. 
    • Ability to provide strategic leadership and management, ensuring that the vision is not lost in the daily operations of the organization. 
    • Set clear priorities between competing demands for resources and manage own tasks and priorities effectively and with minimal supervision. 
    • Ability to review and analyses budgets and financial reports to see implications in the implementation and management of the projects. 
    • Flexibility to undertake national and international travel if required.
    • Excellent word-processing and database management skills.
    • Clear understanding and knowledge of the development issues in Syria ,Turkey and the countries  have implications on people living in poverty.
    • Ability to work well in an inter-cultural environment.


    1.    Marketing  Development Plan:

    • Develop and deliver the strategy for WATAN new marketing and communication, appropriate to need and responsive to opportunity.
    • Be responsible for communicating this strategy to all WATAN staff and board members.
    • Develop an existing plan to generate significant income and raise the profile of the organization.
    • Review and develop all other advertising-related opportunities for WATAN and work with the Executive team to include these into the fundraising plan.
    • Research into relationships that should be developed and manage effective partnerships with both existing and new key corporate partners, NGOs, government, media and funders.
    • Innovate and offer new ideas and approaches for developing WATAN, building relationships with other prospective business partners and with other networks and members where appropriate.
    • Stay appropriately networked and keep abreast of trends, news, events and deadlines, so that all possible, new or enhanced opportunities are exploited.
    • Ensure work is conducted within the context of the overall governance and management of WATAN,  fundraising strategy and annual plan and long-term strategy

    2.      Partner Liaison, Fundraising and Communication  :

    • Initiate and manage existing and potential strategic corporate and media relationships. 
    • Engage with mainstream media, academic institutions, government companies and individuals to develop potential advertising and / or subscription opportunities for WATAN .
    • Review WATAN current communication tools and re-work the communication strategy in line with key business plan principles. 
    • Review existing individual giving systems and concepts and develop appropriate plans and strategies.
    • Carry out presentations and pitches to clients at meetings and dedicated events 

    3.     General:

    • Play an active role in the planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting of WATAN work.
    • Ensure all activity is recorded accurately on WATAN databases and evaluated accordingly.
    • Suggest and implement direct marketing methods to increase the attention of the target audience.
    • Experiment with a variety of organic and paid acquisition channels – content creation, content curation, pay per click campaigns, event management, publicity, social media, lead generation campaigns, copywriting, performance analysis, and much more.
    • Be in charge of marketing budget and allocate/invest funds wisely.
    • Leading media and advocacy department and assisting with all campaigns and events.
    • Measure and report performance of marketing campaigns gain insight and assess against goals.

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Work Place

Turkey , Gaziantep