Job Summary

    Help to sell products or services for a specialized industry of the beneficiaries in order to attract new business, uses a variety of marketing techniques to attract potential customers, schedules meetings with the beneficiaries, and conducts focus groups to pinpoint consumer wants and needs. In addition to set plan for developing the existing projects of beneficiaries.

Position Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree on Business Management/social sciences or Related specialization.
    • Minimum 1-2 years’ experience working and implementing Economic Empowerment projects, mainly livelihood and small business activities.
    • PMP/PMD-Pro Certified (highly preferable).
    • Ability to communicate effectively with others.
    • Ability to represent the organization image in professional manner.
    • Cultural sensitivity and adaptability.
    • Demonstrates openness and transparency.
    • Report writing skills.
    • Knowledge of follow-up financial matters.
    • Problem solving skills.
    • Ability to work within teams.
    • Innovative.
    • Perform well under pressure.
    • Delegation skills.
    • Ability to learn and develop.


    • Monitor quality of documentation including beneficiary lists, receipts, monitoring templates, etc.
    • Follow up on documentation and forms required for BNFs payment.
    • Ensure that all payment files are correct, complete, accountable, and transparent before payment.
    • Ensuring maintenance of the records related to all cash and related documents and submission, after consultation with the Project Manager, to the finance department immediately following distributions.
    • Assist in the implementation of all finance policies and procedures and ensure compliance with WATAN’s policies and procedures related to BNFs.
    • Responsible for disbursement of BNFs cash and ensure such payments are appropriately approved and documented.
    • Orderly filing of all finance related documents such payment vouchers and other finance documents.
    • Serve as the primary point person for all BNFs financial monitoring and evaluation related work.
    • Develop and refine various BNFs data collection instruments (both quantitative and qualitative), and maintain a results database to aggregate data.
    • Manage the information-gathering process for results and performance financial reports, in addition to other briefings, summaries, papers, presentations, etc. for various financial audiences as needed.
    • Research and collect content and stories about the project's financial achievements.
    • Responsible for collation and documentation of all financial reports in the project.
    • Would be responsible for maintenance of all financial reports and other relevant documents.
    •  Familiar on dealing with accounting Software.
    • Other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.

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Work Place

Syria - Azaz