Job Summary

    The trainer will be responsible with increasing the technical capacity of the farmers inside Syria, from the selected locations.

    The trainer will deliver knowledge and skills in the following four value chains: crop, vegetable, sheep and olive. The tasks will be performed within the project TRIPLE R – EU financed.

    The following subjects are to be tackled by the training:

    a. Crop Lucerne/olive/vegetable culture – sowing/planting, tilling, plowing, pest control, fertilizing, harvesting, using irrigation systems, storage, agriculture calendar.

    b. Sheep growth- nutrition & feeding, vaccination, diseases, nursing, growing calendar.

    c. Basic accountancy – keeping accounting registers for all areas.

Position Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree on Agronomy / Veterinary medicine or Related specialization.
    • Minimum professional experience in organizing training in the related field.
    • Highly desirable, technical experience in any of the 4 targeted value chains.
    • Highly desirable, previous experience in organizing training within projects financed by other INGO or local NGO.
    • Knowledge of the situation of the livelihood sector in Syria.
    • Ability to communicate effectively with others.
    • Commitment to humanitarian relief standards.
    • High level of organizing skills.
    • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and planning skills.
    • High level of problem solving and decision-making skills.
    • Good report writing skills.


    • Conduct training need assessment in the reference field (crop, vegetable, sheep and olive) among beneficiaries to establish the areas to be improved.
    • Design the training curriculum based on the needs identified.
    • Deliver the training according to the curriculum and program established.
    • Ensure all the logistic aspects related to the organization of the training (renting of space and equipment, refreshment and meals).
    • Conduct pre and post evaluation for the beneficiaries participating to the training.
    • Monitor the progress of beneficiaries and take proper measure to attain the proposed goals.
    • Prepare training materials.
    • Prepare training reports and collect presence lists.

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Work Place

Syria \ Idleb - Aleppo