Job Summary

    The candidate for this position should handle two tasks:
    • Enforce compliance with all aspects and levels of WATAN procedure and policies  as well as provide guidance on compliance matters.  Preserve the organization’s integrity by making sure it stays on a lawful and ethical course, and ensure organization adheres standards and in-house policies. Experience in internal audit and writing policies and procedure is mandatory.
    • The second part of the role is to oversee the legal aspects of the organization. Safeguard WATAN reputation by guaranteeing that the organization strictly follows law guidelines and give legal advice to management about all relevant issues.

Position Requirements

    • Bachelor of Law.
    • Min. 5 years of experience in the legal field.
    • Knowledge in Turkish Law and governmental institutions.
    • Knowledge in the rules governing humanitarian organizations.
    • Internal auditing experience.
    • Knowledge in compliance management.
    • Management of content and policy writing.
    • High communication skills and presentation.
    • Report writing skills.
    • Problem solving skills.
    • Ability to work in teams and individually.
    • Ability to learn and develop.


    Legal management

    • Review the internal system and procedure in the organization in coordination with other departments.
    • Follow up the registration and licensing files in the head office, branches, offices, and representation offices.
    • Write employment contracts in accordance with work organizing principles and review old contracts.
    • Provide guidance, consultation, and legal advice for matters related to the organization.
    • Answer all legal questions and inquiries from departments, offices, and branches, and provide legal advice for the organization legal rights, commitments, and duties.
    • Provide legal guidance and advice for writing and reviewing all the organization contracts and agreements.
    • Monitor the updates of laws, regulations, and rules affecting the organization, present it to the Board of Directors for discussion, and provide necessary legal advice accordingly.
    • Follow up HR legal issues related to residence and work permits.
    • Decide on internal legal cases related to employees in coordination with HR.
    • Review projects contracts from legal perspective.
    • Follow up with organization lawyers.
    • Registration with different bodies: Interim Government and autonomy authorities.
    • Any other task which maybe assigned by the direct manager.

    Compliance management

    • Review and update policies and procedures of the organization periodically to identify hidden risks or non-conformity issues.
    • Update the content on internal portal (dropbox, sharepoint, etc.).
    • Cascade policies to all departments and insure compliance to them.
    • Conduct internal auditing for all departments.
    • Develop and oversee control systems to prevent or deal with violations of legal guidelines and internal policies.
    • Evaluate the efficiency of controls and improve them continuously.

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Work Place

Turkey - Gaziantep