Job Summary

    All staff are required to adhere to WATAN Standards for Professional Conduct in addition to the policies and procedures, adhere to the Humanitarian Relief Standards and Principles.

    Assist in admin and logistics tasks including preparation, coordination, and documentation, ensuring that timely, proper support for project implementation.

Position Requirements

    • University Degree on Any related major to business.
    • Minimum five years of related logistics and admin responsibilities.
    • Maintains consistent expectations of staff performance.
    • Works productively with broad range of team members
    • Organizes and plans work to accomplish given objectives with minimal supervision. 
    • Encourages others to respect procedures and rules and to take individual responsibility for their work.
    • Strives to increase effectiveness of routine work tasks.
    • Works cooperatively and builds rapport with others.
    • Ability to use good judgment and to problem solve.
    • Capacity for empathy and compassion.
    • Capacity for multi-tasking.
    • Ability to demonstrate courage and to take responsibility.
    • Ability to be resourceful and show initiative.
    • Demonstrating assertiveness.
    • Possess and demonstrate integrity.
    • Capacity for engaging in teamwork and ability to collaborate.


    • Ensure that all procured items for equipping the offices are met with WATAN standards.
    • Initiate the standards specification list for all office equipment and supplies.
    • Setting up the new offices and supervise the construction works.
    • Ensures appropriate processes and systems are in place to manage the inventory and loans of equipment to staff.
    • Responsible for all administrative and logistical support to organization of conferences, workshops, retreats.
    • Responsible for planning /managing maintenance works and regular services for the offices.
    • Responsible for arranging/planning the equipment and stuff required for all offices.
    • Ensures appropriate processes for vehicles including rental car and local movement planning.
    • Coordinate the travel, hotel reservations and logistical support for Office Staff inside and outside Turkey.
    • Ensure that electricity, water, internet, phones and other bills related to functioning of the office are paid on monthly basis.
    • Undertake other related duties as required by the Procurement and Logistics Manager.

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Work Place

Turkey - Gaziantep