Job Summary

    Seeking a candidate who is passionate about transforming communities with a mission-driven organization to be responsible for overseeing WATAN development programs. As a key member of the Senior Leadership Team, candidate shares in the overall responsibility for the direction and coordination of WATAN development programs. Candidate will lead the development programs team to ensure the sustainability of these programs financially and technologically.

    • Candidate would be responsible for managing key donor relationships. Also, candidate should have strong proposal writing skills.

    • The role requires robust experience in program cycle management, with experience in working within a complex and matrix organization structure. The Program Director would have to monitor and coach program managers reporting to them.

    • Mandatory experience in programs or projects in civil society/third sector institutional support, economic empowerment and youth and educations is also required.


    • Work within the strategic plan and to work with the team to achieve its objectives.
    • Managing the development programs by WATAN in the areas of Livelihood, education, protection, health, economic empowerment and supporting civil society organizations, and support activities related to these programs in terms of assistance in strategic planning and plans for these program strategies.
    • Leading the team of program managers to expand beneficiary support through project design and integration.
    • Ensure the quality of implementation of projects in line with the standards required from WATAN and its donors.
    • To lead the team to ensure the implementation of development projects and achieve the goals designed for them.
    • Ensure the successful implementation of the M&E system ensuring lessons from these projects are shared with WATAN’s management.
    • To ensure that capacity-building is available in accordance with the need for programs and the expansion plan of WATAN and charting its organizational structure.
    • Ensure coordination and integration of projects and coordination with technical and business sectors.
    • Effective financial management of the resources of these programs in order to maximize the impact on beneficiaries.
    • To ensure the sustainability of these programs and their funding.
    • Reporting documentation of projects for internal and external programs and projects within the project timelines.
    • To oversee coordination between the development programs and the emergency response unit.
    • Work on integrating protection in various sectors and the principles of “do no harm” in the areas of intervention and beneficiaries in all programs and during all stages from design to implementation.
    • Coordination with the support departments for successful achievement of goals and completion of work.
    • Communicate with donors and attend internal and external meetings as needed.

Position Requirements


      BS on Humanitarian, Development or Social Sciences or Management or engineering or Economics or any related.

      Fluent in Arabic & English (strong written and verbal skills).

      Experience in managing multisector programs for at least 5 years

      · Experience in managing programme managers and high-level staff

      · Strong knowledge in financial management

      · Ability to review internal reports and issue general reports, reflecting the implementation of

      plans and linking them to WATANs vision

      · Computer skills (Office)

      · High organizational skills

      • Awareness of the responsibilities of working within a legal framework.
      • Knowledge of international humanitarian standards and protection standards.
      • Ability to plan and manage meetings.
      • High skill in communicating and sharing information.
      • Ability to innovate.
      • Ability to withstand work pressure.
      • High management skills and team leadership.
      • Proposal writing skills.
      • Ability to solve problems.
      • The ability to stimulate learning and development.
      • Ability to assign and follow up tasks for team members.
      • High capacity in time management.

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    Work Place

    Turkey - Gaziantep