Job Summary

    The Donor Relations Manager is one of the first and most important points of contact for WATAN donors. In that role, candidate must communicate the organization's mission and work in an engaging, passionate, and professional manner. Candidate will manage a team that would aim cultivate long-term relationships with donors.
    Candidate will network with donors to advance the work of WATAN and promote the success of special projects. Candidate will communicate passion for the work of WATAN to stakeholders at speaking engagements, outreach events, and in other public settings. This will mean a substantial amount of travel, both nationally and internationally.

Position Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree on Business Administration or Marketing.
    • Previous experience in similar work.
    • High communication skills and presentation.
    • High managerial skills.
    • High negotiation skills.
    •  Ability to build strategic relationships.
    • Cultural sensitivity and adaptability.
    • Demonstrates openness and transparency.
    • Report writing skills.
    • Knowledge of follow-up financial matters.
    • Problem solving skills.
    • Ability to work in teams.
    • Innovative.
    • Work under pressure.
    • Delegation skills.
    • Ability to learn and develop.


    • Working with the executive management team to draw a strategic vision for the organization, including the strengthening the organizations strategic relations
      •  To create mechanisms for the development of the mechanisms of action followed in the Business Development Department, and to conduct the needed studies to develop performance.
      • Being able to secure funding for organization projects.
      • Finding ways and innovative partnerships for the development of financial resources with institutions and individuals whose goals run parallel with the organizations goals.
      • Organizing special organization events that will introduce and showcase the most important organization activities and projects.
      • Coordinating with the marketing department to build a positive image of the organization, which will enhance the confidence of partners and public opinion.
      • Coordinating with the marketing department to develop a specific plan with marketing materials (flyers, brochures, social networking, etc.). 
      • Coordinating with WATAN volunteers with regards to carrying out activities and collecting donations.
    • Helping the organization collect information on donor institutions and their programs

      • Working with the organization to find solutions and to fund proposed projects. · Transforming relationships with donors into strategic relationships. 

      • Searching for new possible relations and networks and reaching those responsible to convert these relations into functional and effective ones.

      • Maintaining relationships and partnerships with existing donors and work to raise their donations.

    • Administrating all donations to the organization from start to finish, covering all the fine details.

      • To set up a specific calendar for deadlines to apply for grants and the details required for the projects. It is to be updated periodically.

      • To manage and follow-up the gathering of information about supporters and scheduling of projects for them and their needs.

      • A review of memoranda of understanding and contracts for grants with supporters in coordination with the departments concerned.

      • Following up all activities related to preparing and submitting grant applications within the organization and other institutions.

    • Managing the business development team to unite efforts towards reaching the desired goals. ·

    • To Build and develop a policies and procedures directory for the Business Development Department.

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Work Place

Turkey - Gaziantep