Who Can Apply

      Invitation information:

      WATAN is inviting professional vendors to express their interest to be registered in WATAN vendor/supplier list 2021 where the reliable vendors will be shortlisted for each supply/service category. The vendors from Syria and Turkey are encouraged to send their information via the following instruction:



    Offer Submission Instructions

      Expression of Interest Instructions:

      1. Interested vendors should click on the following link:             
      2. Company details must be entered such as company name, name of the contact person, email, phone, address, city, and country details.
      3. The appropriate and company’s expertized supply category should be chosen (please note that the selected categories may be examined through company’s experience or registration documents). For not specified category, the supplier may select “other” category and enter the detail next to it.
      4. As next section company shall put their tax number, bank or Ptt details where applicable.
      5. As the last step the supplier should add their company documentation such as tax registration or table, chamber registration, their reference letters from other organizations or contract samples and etc. (the file should not exceed 20MB)


      Please note that this is not a request for quotations. This call does not obligate WATAN Foundation to issue any tender or contract to any party that responds to this invitation.


      This invitation may be followed by an EOI interview and a visit to your offices, facilities, and any other procedures such as registration in WATAN Foundation database in case of incomplete papers or the need for further inquiries.


      The accuracy and completeness of the required information must be ascertained before the request for interest is sent by the applicant.


      WATAN Foundation may request more documentation where necessary or reject any of the requests or interest from any other party.

    Expression of Interest for Vendor Registration

    Tender Code



    Location of Goods Delivery

    Turkey & Syria