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      Offer Submission Instructions

        Tender instructions:


        1. Interested vendors can obtain tender documents by applying the selected tender from the list on the website and entering company details and then downloading the tender documents on following link         


        1. Completed documents must be submitted no later than 26th October 2020, 16:00H through the following way.


        1. Via tender email: [email protected] with subject line “2009039 Medical Consumables Framework Agreement for 12 Months”          


        1. WATAN has all the rights to accept or reject any incomplete bid document.  After the above stated deadline, quotations sent will not be accepted.


        1. All bids must be valid 12 months. This is framework agreement; this aims to fix prices and quality for 12 months between WATAN and vendor. WATAN has no commitment until FEO (framework execution order) is issued to order specific quantity.


        1. All bids must be provided in “USD”.


        1.  All bids must be splitted into technical proposal and financial proposal While sending via hand delivered, two envelops must be provided, via secured email there should be two separate attachments one for technical proposal one for financial proposal.


        1. For all procurement related questions please send email to  [email protected] .

      RFQ 2009039 Medical Consumables Framework

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      RFQ 2009039



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